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Monday, 12. March 2012

TOP American dog online trends 2006 to 2010

By happydog, 10:49
Like the Australian seasonal graph, the American dogs trends over five years demonstrates terrific seasonality. Similar to Australia the American 'dogs' term only keeps up with the rest of the Google search term volumes and so shows unity growth. The specific monthly pattern of the US data is quite different. While there is often a small decrease from January to February, on average, peoples searches for the term dogs generally remains relatively the same up until the middle of summer and so peaks in July. Immediately after the centre of the year, there is a massive decline in interest in dog searches with an average fall of 10% until it bottoms out in September/ Oct. From here on there is a sharp rise in Google searches through to December.

It is interesting to note that in the USA the single term DOGS makes up about 10% of all the dog associated terms (all 621) that Google lists.

UK dog market trends 2006 to 2010

The UK market is another benchmark in the dog industry as it has the highest number of searches for dogs per person of any country. The UK periodic trend has a lot of similarities with the USA trend, with a few exceptions. While the market lessens slightly at the start of the year, it then continues to dive by approximately 10% by June. Even though the Usa market has its mid year peak in July, the UK has its peak in August. And while the USA online dogs interest slides to a trough then picks up in December, the UK goes into a continual decline from its peak mid year, ending the year about 12% down from the start of the year.

Another point about the UK market is that the term dogs only makes up about 6% of the entire dog related search terms while in America it makes up one tenth. This implies that the UK people use more of a refined search for things associated with dogs. This report shows that each country has a very specific search pattern for dog related information online, and so this is very likely to correspond to dog purchases and general revenues in the dog industry. The highest search times of any country usually translate into people buying things in the real world..

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Friday, 02. March 2012

Five year USA, Australia Dog Industry Review based on Google data 2010

By happydog, 02:39
I come from an engineering background, so I like things based on fact, not just random opinion. To do this I research things and make analysis. This is the first report I made when I began looking after dogs. I hope you BEEP peeps find it interesting.

This dog report analyses the last five years of search trends for key dog terms on Google and finds the seasonal patterns of when people search and buy dog products and services.

In this article I check out the seasonal trends for online dog searches in leading dog ownership countries. We use Google trends data files which present weekly growth data for any dog related term back to 2004 - if enough data exists. Even though this information is very useful, it must be remembered that the growth rates are relative to the entire Google market, not the term itself. So a flat growth may actually represent a substantive climbing growth in real terms.

As a baseline Australia (population 21 million) was used to see if there are any distinct trends for the largest dog related search term, which happens to be DOGS. Five years of weekly data averaged into monthly data points shows that every year a similar monthly trend arises in the searches. While January and December (Australia’s summer and Christmas time) have the most significant growth rates, there are three mini peaks throughout the year. These occur in April, July and September. These peaks are around 10 to 20% in value and show that there is a major seasonal trend in dog searches in Australia.

While the resolution of this data is best in Google trends repository, it is useful to check it with Google’s keywords tool data that presents absolute volume searches for any particular term, in monthly increments. But this is only over one year. The comparison in datasets showed that the terms DOGS in real numbers is growing up to 50% between January and October - much higher ın comparison to the five year average relative growth of only 10%. This data also shows that the single term DOGS over the 2010 period grew very much faster in number of searches than either the top five terms or the total dog associated market growth (all 365 terms). This result shows that people are still placing a lot of faith in typing the single word DOGS into Google to uncover what

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